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Extra utility/armor/ammo slots? - General XCOM 2 ... Page 1 of 2 - Extra utility/armor/ammo slots? - posted in General XCOM 2 Discussion: I wanted to give all armors +1 utility slots. Since my only experrience to modding is changing numbers on ini files I figure Ill just download Raelis Armor Stat Customizer mod and change some numbers there. Unfortunately this is what I found out: ;WARNING THE FOLLOWING ARE ALL BOOLEANS. Steam Workshop :: Ammo and Vest Slots [WOTC] - Amount of utility slots each soldier type has (xcom and different factions) Known bugs: - Utility items will change position when replaced in inventory, except for the first slot. - After WOTC update the mod internal name was changed from AmmoandVestSlotsV2 to AmmoandVestSlotsWOTC.

XCOM T-shirt item exists just so you can put it in the extra utility slot and pretend that it's for vests only.look in my campain i dont have research armor yet ant im at second mission so mu 4 gyus have 9 health bar no other mods conflict there fur sure.

XCOM 2 Animation Modding | Iridar's Gaming Blog The “Profiles” tab allows you to save and load your mod selections, so you can play with one mod setup, and debug mods with another. Most of the time there’s no need to load all your 200 voicepacks and cosmetic mods just to check if the ability works properly.

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XCOM 2 Mods. a guest Feb ... - Armor Utility Slots: ... - Display Shot Chance for XCOM and Aliens: http://www.nexusmods.com/xcom2/mods/172/? RAW Paste Data XCOM 2 Mods PC Editorial | GameWatcher XCOM 2 Mods. PC Game Reviews, ... Would you like to have two utility slots on all of your armors regardless of their ... yet wonderfully functional mod for XCOM 2. Best Mods for XCOM 2 - XCOM 2 Wiki Guide - IGN This page is dedicated to showcasing the best or most useful mods for XCOM 2. Each of these will improve your gameplay experience, or make the game run or look better.

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Jul 23, 2018 ... Steam Workshop: XCOM 2. Increases the base number of utility items a soldier can carry from 1 to 2. Does not affect bonus slots given by armor. ... and activate this mod mid-campaign you will need to swap armor for the ... Steam Workshop :: Ammo and Vest Slots [WOTC] Aug 30, 2017 ... Steam Workshop: XCOM 2. Adds: - Extra Ammo slot (can be disabled from ini) - Extra Utility Slot (can be disabled / number can ... After WOTC update the mod internal name was changed from ... Swapping armor should fix it. Steam Workshop :: Ammo and Vest Slots Apr 28, 2016 ... Steam Workshop: XCOM 2. This version is for the VANILLA XCOM 2. ... Extra Utility Slot (can be disabled / number can be increased via ini, ... Building Experimental Armor now requires one Nanofiber Vest to be built (can be disabled via ini) My motivation for doing this mod was that I finished the game as ... Steam Workshop :: Three Utility Slots For All May 22, 2017 ... Steam Workshop: XCOM 2. The function that ... Everybody else should now have three utility slots no matter what armour they wear. Technically ...